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Join us for our brand-new event ‘My Bridges Challenge’. People affected by kidney disease are facing tougher times than ever before. Help us to raise £100k in the ‘My Bridges Challenge’ so we can continue life-saving research to free lives from kidney disease. We can’t hold our Bridges Walks in the normal way, but together, we can keep research going.

Our Bridges Walks normally consist of you walking seven miles across bridges in London, Glasgow and Newcastle. This year, we want you to set your own challenge based around bridges and/or 7. Walk, run, ride on the 6 September to fund vital research into kidney disease. Your challenge, your way! Raise £70 and get a free gift.

Funds Raised


To join ‘My Bridges Challenge’, follow these 4 simple steps.

Step 1

Choose your own bridges challenge (be as creative as you like)

Step 2

Set up your JustGiving page and share it with your friends

Step 3

Raise £70 (ask 10 people to sponsor you £7) and receive a FREE special gift

Step 4

Share your story, challenge and JustGiving page on social media using #MyBridgesChallenge


Set your own date and time.

Sign up for ‘My Bridges challenge’ on your own, with friends, family, work colleagues and even your pets.


Why don’t you surprise us?
Your garden, living room, local park…it can take place anywhere!

Our number one priority is the safety and welfare of our supporters so please adhere to the Government guidelines when completing your challenge.


We would love to see photos and videos of your challenges.

Don’t forget to share your story, what you’re doing for your challenge and your JustGiving page across all your social media challenges by using #MyBridgesChallenge.



About Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK is a charity dedicated to research into kidney disease. Our vision is to free lives from the restrictions, fear, anxiety and life limiting nature of kidney disease. Our purpose is to prevent kidney disease, end kidney failure and transform treatments.

Worldwide, around one in 10 people have chronic kidney disease, for which there is no cure. Here in the UK, 20 people develop kidney failure each day, and join nearly 64,000 people who are reliant on dialysis or transplant to stay alive.

Five people every week die while on the waiting list for a kidney transplant.

On behalf of everyone living with, affected by or at risk of kidney disease, the time has come for change, and we will lead that change.


Could help more patients like Maddy who has no option of a transplant, she needs our research for her future.


Could fund more researchers like Mike Nicholson who has pioneered a new procedure making more kidneys available for transplant.


Could help more children like Isabella who depend on our research to enable them to have a transplant in the future.

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